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The citrusGPS telematics platform offers a wide range of solutions to suit your needs… whether you have a large, mixed fleet, or just a few cars / vans. As with all we do, our system is designed to clearly and simply present key fleet data - so no digging through piles of reports and spreadsheets. You can see whats important to you ‘at a glance’ - whether that is on a PC or smartphone.

| Rent or buy - you decide!


It goes without saying that all of our solutions are competitively priced and all equipment can either be purchased outright or leased from us so no nasty 50-year finance agreements here, and you automatically own the equipment at the end of the lease!

| Have it your way!


Our modular solution means you can ‘pick-n-mix’ the options that suit your business - from simple GPS tracking, to temperature monitoring all the way through to CANbus solutions.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking & live data

Be in control - stay updated about everything that happens within your fleet using our web platform or Android and iOS mobile applications. 


With a customisable dashboard, clear layout and modern design, information is presented claerly so you can see all that is happening with your fleet in near real time.

Deliver efficiency, improve security and make data-driven decisions to streamline operations.

arvo.fleet multi screens (citrus).png

Live map

Check your drivers' route choice and speed to ensure precise driving and being on schedule.

Unexpected things happen - with our live map you can make swift decisions and adapt to changing situations.

Driver behaviour

Driver behaviour

The way in which a vehicle is driven will affect safety, fuel usage, wear and tear, as well insurance and maintenance costs. Our Driver Behaviour solution allows you to see clearly how your vehicles are being driven, so that you can then work with drivers to improve driving style. 


Our solution will help in creating an environment for safe and efficient driving - leading to happier drivers, and lower costs for you.

AF driver behaviour on tablet.png

Driver scorecard


The Driver behaviour score helps to see where your drivers could be improving. You can see drivers ranked from A (highest) to G (lowest) either by their overall score or by categories such as harsh braking, over-revving, idling etc.

af trailer fleet_edited.jpg

Trailer & asset tracking

citrusGPS allows you to monitor both your valuable assets and fleet on one simple interface.


With accurate GPS positioning, utilisation reporting, maintenance notific­a­tions and much more, it helps you maintain your assets’ security, value and effectiveness.

arvo.fleet multi screens (citrus).png


Live location

Gain visibility into where your assets are with position updates every 60 seconds on the map.


See full journey and activity histories to see precisely where and how your assets have been used.

Trailer tracking
Mobile forms
Using a Smartphone_edited_edited.jpg

Mobile forms & job despatch

Optimise work with a paperless flow by creating digital forms that can be completed by employees anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices.


Take the chance to digitize all paper forms your employees use on a daily basis. Create custom forms that are specific to your business by adding and editing form templates that require only the most essential information.

af form multiscreen citrus.png

From paper to digital

Take the chance to digitize all paper forms your employees use on a daily basis. Create custom forms that are specific to your business by adding and editing form templates that require only the most essential information.

Route planning

Route planning & optimisation

Our route planning module will help you to reduce costs, optimise your fleet and improve customer service quality. It will allow you to manage your logistics process more efficiently.


It allows you to optimise multiple jobs, deliveries and vehicles based on load capacity, priority, costs and delivery terms.

af form multiscreen citrus.png


Detailed optimisation


An algorithm that plans routes based on the vehicle and cargo size, weight, load capacity, etc. Customise the settings to help you avoid toll roads, unpaved roads and ferries.


Fleet management

A powerful tool that provides an automated overview of all your fleet maintenance data - from service reminders to fuel consumption. 


It empowers you to optimise your fleet with automated fleet efficiency and utilisation. You can keep track of costs to see which vehicles are costing you money. 


Easy to use licence and document management means you can set reminders and alerts and never miss important renewal dates.

af fleet dashboard (citrus).png


All data in one dashboard


Have quick access to all information about your fleet - upcoming service dates, repair costs, expiring documents, mileage and more. use historic data and compare your fleet vehicles to make fact-based business decisions.

Fleet management
Vehicle checks
Call now to discuss how we can help you.

Daily vehicle checks

Use our vehicle inspection tool to stay on top of fleet maintenance and reduce costs on easily avoidable repairs. The forms are adaptable, easy-to-use and will save you a lot of time.

Log into the web portal to access, analyse and report on the status of individual vehicles or the entire fleet. 

Build up a long-term record of the status of vehicles for full analysis, internal reporting and proof for enforcement agencies.

AF vehicle inspection multiscreen (citrus).png


A complete management system​

Full visibility of your fleet status, including checks completed and defects raised. Real-time data and automated alerts mean you can be aware of defects as soon as they happen and take action before they escalate.

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